4.Mar 2024

The first qualification of the Championship of Ukraine 2024 is completed in Kyiv

On March 3, a qualification tournament was held in the Igromag club in Kyiv, in which 20 players took part. Winners:
🥇 Maxim
🥈 Yevgeny
🥉 Pavel

19.Feb 2024

Yaroslav (Lawyer) won third place at the MSO Grand Prix 2024 Carcassonne Championship

Three players from Ukraine qualified to the Final Stage with 8 players.
Yaroslav (Lawyer) won 🥉 bronze medals. 7-8 places were taken by Kyrylo (adrear) and Maxim (bazilyuk).
Latvian Krišs Kauķis (krisna) won the tournament

5.Feb 2024

The Ukrainian Carcassonne Online Championship 2024 is started

The championship will be played from February 5 to April 7.
The tournament will consist of 4 leagues: Super League, Major League, First League, and Second League.
In the Second League, registration is open until March 5.

18.Jan 2024

Feelindigo has announced the 2nd Ukrainian Carcassonne Championship 2024

Feelindigo, the publisher of the Carcassonne game in Ukraine, announced a new Championship in 2024.
As last year, the winner will be able to represent Ukraine at the World Cup in Germany.
Qualification are planned in various cities, as well as the Grand Ukrainian final in Kyiv.

3.Jan 2024

Registration for the 2nd season of the Ukrainian Carcassonne Online Championship is open

The tournament starts on January 22.
Only Ukrainian players are allowed to participate.
The tournament will be held in the Best of Three format, in Real-time mode on the BGA platform.

1.Jan 2024

The Carcassonne Champions League 2024 has begun

Ukraine is represented in the championship by two playes:

🔸 zaharik - as a Super League winner
🔹 Lawyer - team choise (addiotional player for the 3rd place on ETCOC 2023)

15.Now 2023

The 1st season of the Ukrainian Carcassonne Online Championship is done

Congratulations to the winners of the tournament!

Super League:🥇 zaharik 🥈 adrear 🥉 Lawyer

Major League: 🥇 maxdk9 🥈 nazario77 🥉 brother Robin

30.Oct 2023

Ukraine team took 3rd place at the ETCOC 2023 tournament

The national team of Ukraine won bronze medals at the ETCOC 2023 European online national team championship with the result - 6 wins, 1 loss. 10 players of the national team took part in the tournament

24.Oct 2023

The Ukraine team sent an application for participation in ETCOC 2023

At the 2023 Euro Championship for national teams, Ukraine will be represented by 11 players. Two new players joined the team for this tournament: Yevgen (BGA nickname: Smile20232023) and Serhii (BGA nickname: devaka). Welcome newcomers!

10.Oct 2023

Tatyana Usenko took 9th place at the World Championship 2023

On October 7, 2023, the Carcassonne World Championship was held in the city of Herne, in which 42 players from different countries of the world took part. Tetyana Usenko took 9th place with the result of 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. Maksym Bazylyuk took 36th place with the result of 1 win, 1 draw, 3 losses

4.Oct 2023

Substitution for Ukraine player at the World Championship in Essen

Instead of Anatoly Kravchenko, Tetyana Usenko, the bronze medalist of the Championship of Ukraine 2023, will participate in the tournament in Essen. For the first time, Ukraine will be represented at the individual World Championship, and by two players at once. The tournament will be held on Saturday, October 7

2.Oct 2023

EURO 2023 for national teams will be held on June 28-29

A European online tournament for national teams was announced.
This time the tournament will be held according to a new scheme - all matches will be played in 2 days, and the team may have 8 to 15 players.
The format of the tournament will not change - group stage and playoff, all matches 5 vs 5.

14.Sep 2023

Second player from Ukraine at the World Championship in Essen

The publisher of the game Hans im Glück has invited another player from Ukraine to participate in the Individual World Championship, which will be held on October 7 in the city of Essen, Germany. The invitation was received by the player of the national team Max Bazilyuk

8.Sep 2023

Carcassonne Super League has started in Ukraine

The first online tournament for players from Ukraine in Bo3 format in Real-Time mode has started. In the first season, 21 players are divided into 2 leagues: Super League and Major League. Players will play round-robin with all other players in their league

2.Sep 2023

The first Carcassonne Ukrainian Championship was held

In 2023, for the first time, the offline Carcassonne Championship of Ukraine was organized in Ukraine. The qualifications were held in 6 cities. The final tournament took place on September 2 in Kyiv at the Shevchenko Library